Getting To The Heart Of Your Child

(already an award winning book, winning 1st place in the Parenting Category of The Fall 2013 Christian Writers Award) really is a must have book for all parents.

Peggy Hughes, is a Licensed Professional Counselor and mother who specializes in family relationships in her private practice. She uses her professional knowledge and experience combined with their own personal family stories to deliver an insightful, practical and proven help for parents!

"Train up a child in the way he should go..." You have probably heard this biblical instruction before, but what does it mean? How do you "train" your child, and where are they suppose to "go"? Peggy Hughes helps answer these questions and shares the vital importance of knowing your child's heart. Discover two indispensable keys to unlock your child's heart, Three building blocks to establishing a good relationship and the incredible value of good discipline.


Getting To The Heart Of Your Marriage

As I have been a marriage counselor for over twenty years, I have worked with hundreds of marriages. In my experience at working with marriages I have witnessed common threads in the breakdown of marriages.

Getting to the Heart of Your Marriage draws out these common patterns and helps the reader understand the dynamics that are at work in relationships and marriage.

In the pages of my book you will:

  1. Discover your need for value and security and how these needs play into your marital dynamics
  2. Understand your unique personality differences and how your personalities are a "tail that wags the dog" in your marriage
  3. Learn how to implement the important tools of communication, negotiation,and reconciliation to foster a health and rewarding marriage
  4. Understand and learn how to build a healthy House of Intimacy.

It is my goal that your marriage will be enriched through the pages of my book.

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