Save Your Marriage

At Genesis we are about saving marriages! Our goal and passion is to help couples reconcile, restore, and enrich their marriage. We have several services we offer to help couples genuinely engage with one another, re-establish their marital commitment, and get back on track.

One way we help couples is through our hourly marriage counseling. Many situations may be resolved by simply getting together and talking issues out, gaining new insight, and implementing some new patterns of relating. However, many prefer to utilize our intensive marriage counseling where we meet for 2-3 hours per session. This allows couples to focus more intensely on their relational problems where hourly counseling may not be sufficient time to get to a deeper level. What really makes us unique is our Marriage Reconciliation Week (MRW)! The MRW is ideal for couples who want to more deeply enrich their marriage, or avoid having their marriage end in separation or divorce. Our MRW is a combination of mediation and counseling services that help couples reconcile past hurts and offenses, more profoundly get their issues out in the open, and gain some practical insight and tools to communicate and interact at a more healthy level. Many have told us that the MRW was a life changing experience for them.

What makes our MRW so unique?

  • We seek to get to the deeper issues of the heart, or the motivators of “why” you are doing what you are doing in your marriage. Getting to the heart is essential to promoting true and lasting change.
  • You spend an entire week (five days) with us and have sufficient, concentrated time to focus on and address “your” marriage. Most intensive marriage weeks involve several couples which may not ultimately allow you to concentrate on your unique situation.
  • You work with both a man and a woman Licensed Professional Counselor, which is much more ideal for a marital situation than only working with only a man or a woman counselor.
  • You get away for a week from all the distractions of life which may hinder you from really concentrating on your marriage, even if you are currently doing weekly, hourly counseling.
  • We give you practical tools that you may take away and use for a lifetime to come.
  • At the end of the week we create a written Agreement for you to take away as an accountability tool in moving forward.

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